What does diverse and inclusive mean?

Last year one of our regular members had an event. It was a big international event that was specifically for trans people. Everyone in the group came to the meeting that morning dressed in our finest regalia. Top hots, shimmery dresses, boas, glitter, sequins, fishnets. We celebrated our friend’s culture by stepping into it. People…

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The Divine Feminine We are diverse and inclusive. We come from different backgrounds and are united in our desire to be free of any behaviors and addictive patterns which block us from our spirituality. We welcome everyone regardless of race, creed, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other attribute.

DFWM – The opposite of fear is love.
What we do

In our meetings we write a letter to ourselves from the perspective of the Divine. We allow our wise inner selves to speak to us. Afterward we have opportunities to share in small groups what we’ve written if we want and to get supportive and loving responses.

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